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About The Event

A Thon is an Event where you earn money for everything you do during your Event or Campaign. By following our simple 4-step process, we will help you create an awesome Thon.

Be Specific! Be descriptive in your Thon Name

About The Cause

If you are raising money for a non-profit, check the option below. You can enter the legal name or tax id of that non-profit in the tex box below.

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What if I cannot find my non profit ?

What if I can't find my non-profit

I still cannot find my non profit

Donations given to this event will be processed through FirstGiving and directed to the non-profit through FirstGiving.

Funds are handled via WePay. Wepay account will be created for organizer email. If organizer does not already have a WePay account, WePay will send an email to organizer email address to confirm the online payment account.

Set Up Your Units

Enter singular names of unit and participant. Eg: For a Jog-a-thon,a single unit will be lap and participant will be called a Jogger. Pledges will be made to jogger per lap.

Do you mean {{Event.SingularTitle}}? Please enter a singular unit name. Eg: Mile, Act of Kindness etc

Tell us what your overall average units will be (e.g. 30 MILES) and we will suggest minimum and maximum units. No Decimals!

All participants will complete at least {{Event.Item.Min_Participant_Units}} {{Event.Item.Unit? Event.Item.Unit: 'unit' | pluralize}}, but no one will earn more than {{Event.Item.Max_Participant_Units}} {{Event.Item.Unit? Event.Item.Unit: 'unit' | pluralize}}

In other words, each donor will agree to pay a dollar amount for at least {{Event.Item.Min_Participant_Units}} {{Event.Item.Unit? Event.Item.Unit: 'unit' | pluralize}}, but no more than {{Event.Item.Max_Participant_Units}} {{Event.Item.Unit? Event.Item.Unit: 'unit' | pluralize}}.

HINT: Feel free to tweak the numbers, but your Maximum {{Event.Item.Unit? Event.Item.Unit: 'unit' | pluralize}} cannot be more than double the Average. If you do, your donors might get nervous giving their credit card.

Click on a prize picture to change it

Prize Name
Prize Name

You're almost done!

The easiest way to share your event is to email your friends the URL http://www.anython.com/{{Event.Item.EventUrl}}?participant={{Event.ParticipantId}}

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